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Billion Dollar Loser: The Epic Rise and Spectacular Fall of Adam Neumann and WeWork

The best business failure book since The Bad Blood. I love books about business failures – I think we can learn more from them than from books about success. I reviewed earlier “The Bad Blood” (the failure of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes), “Losing the Signal” (the failure of BlackBerry/Research In Motion”), “Faster, Higher, Farther” (the…

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I collect failure stories. Some other time, I’ll share some of my own failure stories. Here are my top 3 failures from the business world. I like books that detail failures much more than books that detail success. “Losing the Signal” is way more educational than “7 Habits of Successful People”. KODAK was the king…

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А very informative, instructional, and motivating book about entrepreneurship. The author compared 195 startups that reached the unicorn status against a control group. Lots of myths busted. Lots of useful insight. So, to improve your chances of launching a billion-dollar company, > Should you start your company from a dorm of an elite university?No. The…

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