Speaking engagements


  • International Business
  • Experiential learning: How to use hands-on projects, consulting, and international collaboration to improve education
  • Global Virtual Teams: Challenges and best practices
  • Building effective teams: The science of effective teamwork
  • Utility Analysis: How do you know if that training or program helped?
  • The workplace in the post-COVID era
  • The future of universities
  • The publishing game: How to write high-impact research and publish it in top journals
  • Crowdsourcing: Can crowds of amateurs do to the business consulting industry what Wikipedia did to the Encyclopedia Brittanica?
  • We’re in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution: What does it mean for you



Contact my executive assistant at Admin@X-Culture.org about booking a speaking engagement or a guest lecture.

Please note that my schedule allows only a limited number of invited speeches or guest lectures.

Generally, I charge no speaker/guest lecturer fees for online presentations/lectures for non-commercial programs if invited by a colleague or X-Culture corporate partners.

However, in-person speaking appearances that require travel and speaking engagements and lectures for commercial programs or corporate clients typically involve a fee that covers the travel expenses and compensation for my time and expertise.