The X-Culture Consulting Group

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  • 300+ local X-Culture Consulting Group experts in 74 countries
  • Hire one expert, get the wisdom of the entire community
  • Supported by tens of thousands of business students

Depending on your needs, we will assemble a team of world-class experts to deliver a top-quality solution to your problem.

Even if only one of our experts works on your project, all experts in the group provide support, so you get the wisdom of the entire X-Culture expert community.

The X-Culture professionals are supported by over 10,000 MBA students in our international business training program. With their help, we can:

  • Get an unlimited supply of fresh creative ideas
  • Collect rich local market research data
  • Reach out to thousands of potential retailers, distributors, and customers
  • Conduct local promotion of your products

Expertise Areas and Types of Consulting

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The X-Culture Consulting Group delivers high-quality solutions in the following areas: