Science Club

Kids’ Science Club
Teaching kids how to think, not what to think.

The Kids’ Science Club is a non-profit project run by Dr. Vas Taras for neighborhood kids ages 6-9. We normally have 4-8 kids per class. We meet weekly and discover our passion for exploration, learn new things about our world and learn to effectively communicate our ideas and gain wealth (monetary and social) by selling our ideas.

Ignite Interest

There is a scientist in every kid. Some of them just don’t know it yet. Through exiting hands-on experiments, we help your kids discover their interest in science and research.

Explore and Discover

In our Science Club, kids learn how to conduct research, document discoveries and create new knowledge. Using seemingly simple age-appropriate activities we learn very important and often complicated things in physics, chemistry, biology, human and animal psychology, sociology, geology, and business. Follow this link to see sample experiments we conducted recently.

Share and Earn

Most importantly, our kids learn not only how to document the results of their work, but also how to effectively present their findings and convey their message to advance their agenda, be it making money, gaining social capital and respect, or saving the world.