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Teaching kids how to think, not what to think.

Do you want your kid to go to Harvard or MIT?

This question probably sounds too “optimistic” to you, but it should not. At least it does not for the half a dozen 6-9-year-old kids from our neighborhood who are members of our Science Club.

Ok, I cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that each of these kids will get into a top university, but I know this:

By the time they will be submitting their applications, their chances will be better than those of 99% of other applicants.

What makes me so sure?

We are meeting every week and learn something new. Every week is a new topic from physics, chemistry, biology, geography, astronomy, psychology, management or business. That is 50 topics per years. It will be 500+ increasingly complex topics by the time they get their high-school diploma.

In addition, the kids learn the basics of research design, statistics, and theory development. They document every experiment. They make a presentation and explain what they just did and what they learned (see recent presentations here). They prepare their own experiments and practice teaching. They not only gain knowledge, they also learn how to sell it and use it to their advantage.

Most importantly, my job is not to teach them but to help them discover their interest in science. Once they realize science is cool and pays, there is no stopping curiosity and they learn on their own more than any teacher can give them.

By the time they are ready to go to college, their portfolios will be impressive enough to get a YES from just about any school.

It is absolutely free. It*s my and my wife*s contribution to making the world a better place.

I did not get my PhD from Harvard or MIT (I got my PhD from the University of Calgary). But we know a fair bit about science and academic world and we are happy to help our own kids and other kids from our neighborhood to learn.

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