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Main on-going Research Projects

  • Dynamics and performance in global virtual teams (GVT), as a part of the X-Culture Project. For more information visit the X-Culture research page. Main research questions: Why some GVT perform better than others and What can be done to improve dynamics and performance in GVT. Longitudinal data are used to address the questions (currently about 1,000 teams/5,000 team members from 36 countries around the world).
  • Mega-Analysis. Using a large database that incorporates about 100 individual data sets (total N 40,000, data from 20 counties, collected between 1985 and 2005) contribute by researchers from all around the world, we are trying to revisit some of the research questions related to the nature of culture and the effects of culture at the individual, organizational, and societal level.
  • Meta-analyses of culture. Four meta-analytic studies in progress on the nature of culture and the effects of cut lure in the workplace.
  • Biases in perceptions of economic outcomes of (1) international trade, (2) job outsourcing, and (3) immigration. Using experimental design, we are trying to estimate how much opinion about economic outcomes related to international business varies if the issues are presented using wording that emphasizes the international dimension of business vs. neutral business description. Also, the NIMB (not in my backyard) effect tested in this study (differences in perceptions of economic outcomes when the same problem is presented as IMB vs. NIMB.
  • Utility and Return on Investment in Corporate Training. My favorite, this one tries to answer the questions (1) Whether or not employee training works, (2) What is the expected return on investment in corporate training (i.e. for each dollar invested, how much the company gets back), and most importantly (3) What can be dome to maximize utility of corporate training. The focus is on cross-cultural and team building forms of corporate training.