Pro’s and Con’s of Outsourcing

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Pro’s and Con’s of Outsourcing
An excellent starting point for a discussion on the effects and pro’s and con’s of outsourcing.
The Other Side of Outsourcing
An excellent 45-minute documentary on pros and cons of outsourcing
Globalization and Tax Evasion
A good 3-min clip that discusses some of the issues related to tax havens and tax evasion.
Gods Must be Crazy
This 5-minute clip can be used to illustrate cross-cultural difference in understanding of some of the most basic issues.
Wal-Mart and Immigration
An interesting story of immigration and Wal-Mart. Raises some interesting issues and can make an excellent starting point for a discussion on the effects of immigration
Outsourcing: Indian Perspective
A good video to start a discussion on pros and cons of outsourcing
India: The Future is Here
A good video to support the notion that there is a world beyond the US and Western Europe
A great video for an introductory session of an IB/IM course
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Outsource Your Own Job
A great funny video on job outsourcing. It would help to present this video along with the story about an IT employee who was sued by his Sillicon-Valley-based company that accused him for outsourcing his own job. The man basically found someone in India who was willing to do the job for half the pay. Since the work could be done on-line, all the guy did was to forward his assignments to a guy in India and then get the results back and submit them as his own work. He eventually ended up “working ” five full-time jobs as an IT specialist for different companies in the US, but all he really did was a middle man between American firms and Indian employees. Now, all 5 jobs were effectively preserved for American – there were five high salaries paid in the US, but something was not right, right?
A nice starting pointing to the discussion on paradoxes (positives) of job outsourcing.

Burger King Outsources