The American Handshake

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The following is a compilation of links to publicly available video clips that can be used as illustrative examples or case studies in international business and management courses and cross-cultural training programs.

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The American Handshake
This is an entertaining 4 minute video on the difference in how people greet each other in different cultures. It would make a nice addition to a lecture on cross-cultural communication.
Childcare Outsourcing
A funny video on the advantages of outsourcing these details.
Warning: the video contains materials that many viewers may find disturbing.
German Coastguard
A funny video that illustrates very well challenges of cross-cultural communication, in
particular with a reference to communication in similar yet different languages.
Mr vytorin 10 40. Baseball – Rules Around the Table
A funny video clip that illustrates well cross-cultural etiquette differences.
Australian Hmmm…
A interesting example of cross-cultural communication differences
Japanese Story
An interesting video clip that illustrates differences in greeting protocols: East vs. West, Japan vs. Australia
Very Friendly Handshake
Another video clip that illustrates “subculture-specific” greeting method. Not very educational, but can be used with a great success as a one-minute break in a long class on cross-cultural communication.
Rubber or Eraser
Another example of cross-cultural communication challenges
A good understanding of cross-cultural differences in approaches to marriage
Indian vs. American Accent
A good starting point to a discussion on accent’s role in cross-cultural communication.